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I am on a mission to help empower entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are often misunderstood by their friends and family. Not everyone understands what drives an entrepreneur. In my world entrepreneurs are ALWAYS welcome and never alone. My mission is being delivered by bringing the projects I believe can have the most impact on building businesses to life. Check out Steve's new online mentor for those with ChatGPT Plus. (No charge from Steve and no affiliation with OpenAI - just a cool free mentor tool you can use in most any language 24 hours a day.)

Steve's Story


Steve Simonson is a lifetime entrepreneur having founded, purchased, built, and sold numerous companies over the past 3 decades. Along the way Steve's companies have been publicly recognized with three consecutive years on the Inc. 500 list, multiple listings on the Internet Retailer Top 500, Washington State Fastest Growing Business as well as a multitude of other company accolades. Steve was also a finalist in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Retirement 2.0 is all about Steve focusing on the things he loves and cutting down work to only 40-50 hours a week. Although Retirement 2.0 is anything but traditional it is a mindset that reminds Steve to focus only on bringing value and not doing things for the sake of getting things done. Creating lasting value means more.

Global Insights - Direct Impact

Global Sourcing & Supply Chain Mgmt

With over two decades in global supply chain and sourcing, Steve Simonson is a seasoned expert. As the Managing Director at Symo Global, he specializes in product sourcing from various countries, including from China. His expertise extends to product sourcing at scale, crucial for e-commerce ventures and consumer packaged goods. Besides his role at Symo Global, Steve enriches the industry by sharing insights on global product sourcing strategies through various platforms online and from stages around the world. Through a blend of practical experience and a passion for educational contribution, Steve Simonson is a quintessential Global Supply Chain Expert, aiding businesses in navigating the intricate tapestry of global sourcing and supply chain management.

Systems Create Freedom

Steve Simonson is a staunch advocate for utilizing robust systems in managing business operations, particularly in the eCommerce sector. His belief in systems is notably showcased through Parsimony, a platform he spearheaded to aid entrepreneurs in efficiently managing their businesses. Parsimony is premised on the idea of having a "single source of truth" through a unified system, which facilitates accurate decision-making and streamlines operational processes. The platform encapsulates all essential business tools within a single database, providing a holistic view and control over various business facets like financial details, supply chain optimization, item management, and more, thus reinforcing the philosophy that systems should run the business while people run the systems​.

Steve's Ready for most anything!

With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in global supply chain, sourcing, and e-commerce, Steve Simonson is adept at navigating the complex tapestry of a constantly evolving business landscape. The start of his entrepreneurial journey in a recession, through the dot bomb days of 2001 through the housing crash in 2008 he's been around. Plus his tenure at Symo Global & insightful engagements through the Chairman's Circle program exemplify his proficiency in steering ventures through turbulent economic waters. The acumen he has honed over the years, particularly in areas like product sourcing and operational streamlining, empowers him to decipher the intricacies of market dynamics, ensuring businesses stay ahead of the curve even amidst uncertainty.

Chairman's Circle

The Chairman's Circle program, elucidated by Steve Simonson in his podcast, is a meticulously crafted initiative designed to formalize the assistance he renders to individuals seeking his aid in business matters. Before 2023, capacity constraints hindered Steve from providing much help, however, the inception of the Chairman's Circle program now enables him to take on roles such as a advisor, board advisor/member, or even chairman of the board for those desiring a enhanced accountability. Established over a decade ago, this program serves as a conduit through which Steve can extend his support to companies seeking to grow faster. Diverging from traditional mentorship or consultancy, this program paves the way for a more structured engagement, particularly with companies exhibiting substantial potential and founders envisaging an exit within a span of two to four years. The crux of engagement hinges on Steve's belief in his ability to inject significant value and propel their ventures forward. Through the Chairman’s Circle, Steve lends his acumen to aid companies in navigating the tumultuous waters of economic uncertainties, emboldening them to seize a robust market stance. This program aims to infuse financial rigor within management echelons, empowering businesses to flourish amidst economic vicissitudes by capitalizing on the prowess of the founders and their teams.


Entrepreneurs Sharing Stories

I travelled with Steve and his team in 2016. I considered it my "China 101". Now with the confidence and knowledge they have given me I am able to travel & source with confidence. The results far exceeded my expectations. I have never learned so much while having such a great time! They make you "Stop and Smell the Roses" so to speak. I never felt uneasy or unsafe. It was a truly Amazing experience!

Jim - Bettendorf, Iowa

Symo Global has been amazing. I attended a sourcing trip they organized in Yiwu for the Catalyst88 group and with their help was able to reduce our COGS by more than half on some of my main products. All in all, the team helped me save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. They are professional, very committed and extremely caring. Highly recommend Steve for anyone who wants to make a big difference in their physical product business.

Katalin - Lortan, VA

BIO & Media Kit


Steve Simonson's entrepreneurial journey spans over three decades, during which he has founded, acquired, expanded, and divested multiple ventures.

His endeavors have garnered significant accolades, including three successive appearances on the Inc. 500 list, multiple recognitions on the Internet Retailer Top 500, Washington State's Fastest Growing Business award, and a finalist position in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Steve's profound expertise as a leader and operator has been demonstrated across numerous enterprises, driving them from their startup stages to prosperous exits. Currently, his business operations are orchestrated through his holdco entity, which includes, but is not limited to his free entrepreneurial support platform & podcast,

and the exclusive executive training resource group

In the near-term, Steve's entrepreneurial focus is channeled towards companies aimed at empowering fellow entrepreneurs. serves as a comprehensive ERP system tailored for distribution, CPG, and e-commerce focused entrepreneurs.

The Empowery eCommerce Association, accessible via operates as a labor or love to support ecommerce entrepreneurs around the world.

Among his various projects, Steve has also been instrumental in propelling, a platform engineered to foster organizational efficiency through the streamlined creation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). integrates AI technology to auto-generate SOPs, and has been lauded for its user-friendly interface which simplifies the onboarding and training processes​

Steve's enduring passion for entrepreneurship is encapsulated in the timeless quote by Zig Ziglar: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

This ethos, coupled with his aptitude for assembling brilliant teams, navigating an evolving business landscape, and his proactive approach towards embracing technological advancements, poises Steve as a distinguished figure capable of thriving amidst the uncertainties and the dynamic nature of the modern business world.


What Is Steve Simonson’s Background in Global Supply Chain and Sourcing?

Steve Simonson boasts over 25 years of experience in the global supply chain and sourcing sector, showcasing a rich history of adeptness in navigating the intricacies of international commerce. His global journey began in 2001 with exploring opportunities in product sourcing from various countries, a venture that proved pivotal in honing his expertise in the domain. As the Managing Director at Symo Global since 2008, Steve has displayed a remarkable aptitude for orchestrating ventures from conception to successful realization, with a notable emphasis on sourcing products at scale, a critical aspect for burgeoning e-commerce establishments. His knack for sourcing, particularly from China, is underscored by his dedicated team operating across diverse geographies such as the USA, EU, ASEAN countries and Hong Kong, ensuring seamless service delivery to clients. Through his endeavors, Steve has significantly contributed to alleviating the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, especially in e-commerce, by offering insightful strategies and solutions tailored to meet the demands of a global supply chain. His seasoned understanding of international market dynamics, coupled with a pragmatic approach towards operational efficiency and product sourcing, makes him a distinguished expert in the global supply chain and sourcing domain.

How Has Steve Contributed to E-commerce and Business Education?

Steve Simonson has made substantial contributions to the e-commerce sector and business education through various platforms and initiatives over the years. His insights into global product sourcing, business growth, large scale operations have been particularly valuable for e-commerce, distribution, manufacturing, and consumer package goods entrepreneurs.

One of his notable ventures is, a comprehensive business management platform designed to help entrepreneurs streamline their operations by centralizing business tools within a single database. The platform reflects Steve's philosophy that well-structured systems should drive businesses, thereby allowing people to efficiently manage these systems.

Moreover, Steve has shared his wealth of knowledge through the podcast, where he delves into a range of topics crucial for e-commerce and business growth. He also initiated the Chairman's Circle program, through which he offers structured assistance to entrepreneurs, providing a platform for sharing his insights and experiences in a more personalized manner.

Through public speaking engagements and conferences, Steve has been able to reach a broader audience, sharing his experiences and insights on global sourcing, supply chain management, and e-commerce strategies. His involvement in events like the mastermind group further showcases his dedication to educating and assisting other entrepreneurs in navigating the complex e-commerce landscape.

Additionally, his active participation in industry forums like, and other online communities highlights his commitment to continuous learning and sharing of knowledge, making him a recognized figure in the e-commerce education realm. Through these various channels, Steve Simonson continues to enrich the e-commerce community with his expertise, helping entrepreneurs navigate the challenges associated with online retail and global sourcing.

What Is the Objective of the Chairman's Circle Program Initiated by Steve?

The Chairman's Circle program, as conceptualized by Steve Simonson, is a structured initiative aimed at systemizing the assistance he provides to individuals seeking his expertise in business matters.

The program emerged from a desire to offer more structured help, especially as requests for assistance from respected individuals became more frequent. Before the program's inception, capacity constraints hindered Steve from extending the level of support he wished to provide.

However, the Chairman's Circle program has enabled him to engage in supportive roles such as a board advisor, board member, or even chairman of the board for those seeking a level of accountability.

The primary ethos behind this program is not to offer traditional mentorship or consultancy but to provide strategic input to companies, particularly those with significant potential and founders planning an exit.

The concept is rooted in whether Steve believes he can add substantial value and help in propelling the companies forward. It's structured in a way that Steve can provide this assistance without incurring financial strain, requiring a small financial compensation to cover his team's assistance.

The Chairman's Circle program is more than a decade old and was crafted to ensure that Steve could provide meaningful assistance, especially at strategic decision-making levels, to help companies navigate challenges, make bold choices amidst economic turbulence, and secure a stronger market position.

Through this program, Steve extends his expertise to help companies not only adapt to change but thrive amidst economic uncertainties, embodying a practical approach to aiding businesses in a changing world.

Why does Steve still do this?

Despite the Retirement 2.0 announcement, Steve remains focused on a mission to help empower entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are often misunderstood by their friends and family. Not everyone understands what drives an entrepreneur. In Steve's world entrepreneurs are ALWAYS welcome and never alone.

Can Steve be my Mentor?

Due to time limitations Steve does not offer one to one mentoring in person. But check out the specially created AI mentor bot trained on Steve's podcasts and training materials. Only those companies eligible for the Chairman's Circle program from are able to schedule time directly with Steve. However, for all entrepreneurs lots of free content remains available at and are available to those who want to learn more.