Happy New Year



As the new year begins often people are determined to make new year’s resolutions that will help achieve their goals in 2018. New Year’s Resolutions can be useful for some people, but some statistics report that 80% of resolutions are abandoned by February. Despite this I have no problem setting down some goals for the year that are important to me and I try not to set unrealistic goals. (e.g. – Losing 40 pounds in a single month isn’t likely.)

As an alternative to focus on I recommend that people start with gratitude for the past. 2017 was a great year for many reasons for me. I have plenty of reasons to be thankful. You probably do to. Start with those wins and think about how those impacted you and those around you.

Deciding to focus on those aspects of your life that were so positive in the past can help you find New Year’s resolutions to double down which can deliver progress and happiness.

Perhaps 2017 wasn’t your favorite year for one reason or another, but I would still imagine that everyone had something or a series of somethings to be thankful for in 2017 no matter what challenges they may have faced. Indeed, unwelcome suprises, upsetting changes, and gut wrenching tragedy touches us all at one time or another.

These challenges are part of life are therefore unavoidable.

The question for all of us is simply how will we respond to those challenges. My experience is that AWESOMERS always find a way to press forward and make progress in their business and in their life.

So this year, instead of coming up with a list of trite resolutions try doubling down on your recent wins and choose progress and happiness in 2018.

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