Podcast Episode

Recently I had the chance to hangout on the BrightIdeas podcast hosted by Trent Dyrsmid.

Not only is he a successful entrepreneur in his own right, but he has a couple different business which are all running with with a systemic mindset and operated by people who understand them.

The best part is that Trent also spends some of the time he gains from operating a systemic organization by helping fellow entreprenruers through his podcast.

To listen to part of my story you can check out the podcast here:

Developing a systemic operation is the first step towards maintaining your own sanity, but it delivers addtional benefits as well like:


  1. Clear, Measureable, & Objective  Goals For You and Your Team.
  2. A Company Culture Built Around A Predictable Result.
  3. An Organization That is Easy to Manage Based on Numbers vs. Emotions.
  4. A Corporate Valuation that is Higher as a Result of Systems, Management, and Stability.
  5. The Potential to have the Business Run well; Even if You are NOT present. (Yes it is possible!)

Work The System

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