Podcast Interview with Steve Simonson and FBA Millionaires Team

Recently I was interviewed by Will Moffett and Jeff Allen. What a great conversation! Of course, your review on iTunes could confirm that. 😉


These guys are really focused on helping ecommerce entrepreneurs; so I love to spend time sharing some of my experience.




Here is a summary of the topics we talked about:


FBA Millionaires was live with Steve Simonson. Wonderful guy and he knows his stuff. Make sure to share us with friends and give us an honest review on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/fba-millionaires-lets-10x-your-amazon-fba-business/id1322011998

Podcast Discussion:

– Getting into Big Box Stores

– Wholesale VS. Private Label

– Work Like balance

– Amazon in 2003

– Amazon is still the best business model out there

– Relying on Experts to help

– Horror Stories with China manufacturers

– Always get inspections (Always)- Biggest seller mistakes

When you think about how to grow I really encourage people to remember they don’t have to do it all themselves. Too often entrepreneurs are of the mindset that they must carry the entire burden themselves. This is compounded when we try to be ultra-efficient with our limited capital. Remember – your life is better when you invest in resources that leverage your TIME!


That link again is: http://fbamillionaires.com/fba-millionaires-5-interview-with-steve-simonson/


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