Podcast interview on AMZ Secrets with Steve Simonson and David Aladdin.

Today I am sharing a podcast and video interview I did with David Aladdin from AMZ Secrets.


What a bright young awesomer! (Click here to learn more about Awesomers.)

David was thoughtful about how to pick my brain for the benefit of his audience and here are the topics that he summarized from our interview:


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to sell private label on Amazon
  • How Steve grew his brands from zero to millions
  • Dozens of golden nuggets in this action-packed interview
  • Steve’s insights into e-commerce
  • White labeling strategies
  • Big insights on scaling from 0-2million, 2million to 5 million, 5 million to 10 million and beyond
  • The types of products Steve sells
  • What products to sell on Amazon
  • What products sell better on Amazon
  • Why margin is the key to success
  • Mistakes Steve made
  • How he prepares for Amazon 4th quarter
  • How he packages his products


And lots more!

If you are thinking of creating your own brand or wondering what the difference is between brand building and private labeling or white labeling or any of the rest of it, this is probably a worthwhile listen for you.




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