Podcast Alert: The eCommerce Masterplan

A new podcast is now live with Steve Simonson being interviewed by Chloë Thomas. It was a great time to share some lessons learned.

You can hear it right here https://ecommercemasterplan.com/steve-simonson/

We talked about how I got started so many moons ago in e-commerce and I share some of the fun, and occasionally tragic situations that I encountered along the way. 🙂

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My interview on the eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast is now live! You can listen and subscribe for free here https://ecommercemasterplan.com/steve-simonson/

My hope is that when I share some of the highlights and yes, even lowlights, of my journey it will help younger entrepreneurs see that the path forwards is not a single straight live on a flat road. It can be a hike through a dark and treacherous land of mystery. This is also what makes the journey so rewarding.

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