CliftonStrengths for Steve Simonson

For anyone who follows the podcast or pays attention to the eCommerce cooperative or even the small-scale YouTube Channel from Steve Simonson, you will know that he is a big believer in focusing on Strengths.

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As a special share, we’re including a Strengths report from Steve Simonson below. This is the actual report from his most recent assessment – which is almost the same as this report.

(sidenote: The previous report showed Strategic instead of Realtor)

Strengths-Based Leadership Report (Brief) – Gallup Online

Personalized Strengths Insights


By nature, you bring new thoughts to most discussions and meetings. Your reputation for innovative thinking explains why you are recruited by groups. You derive satisfaction from mental activity. You recognize when you are especially creative. Driven by your talents, you ask questions. You ponder answers. You find the underlying causes of a situation, problem, system, mechanism, plan, regulation, or prohibition. Logical and ordered in your thinking, you study every detail, however small. You are determined to examine the facts. Because of your strengths, you customarily generate more new concepts than anyone else on the team. Knowing this probably motivates you to be even more prepared for upcoming meetings, presentations, activities, conversations, or debates. You have a gift for capturing and holding people’s attention. You probably describe your latest thoughts, innovations, solutions, theories, or answers in ways that make sense to the group’s members. Instinctively, you spontaneously tune in to what others think of you as a person and as a professional. As a result, you intentionally commit to memory complicated and intricate words as well as specialized terminology. You use language to your advantage in situations when you desire to influence, confront, make demands of, or issue orders to people. Your vocabulary allows you to speak with authority. It’s very likely that you see yourself as an inventor of unusual and innovative ways to do things. You grow weary and bored with activities when you are forced to perform them in a prescribed and traditional manner. Your frustration increases when you know there is a better method but no one is willing to consider the changes you suggest.


Because of your strengths, you are happy to share your perspective on things when asked. You really appreciate people who have a gift for beginning discussions or making small talk. These individuals usually create a safe environment for you to express your ideas and feelings. Driven by your talents, you fill your mind with new ideas by asking questions, reading, studying, observing, or listening. Normally, you accumulate facts, data, stories, examples, or background information from the people you meet. Determining what they want to accomplish in the coming weeks, months, or years generally satisfies your curiosity. These insights also allow you to understand why individuals behave they way they do in different situations. Instinctively, you are comfortable offering suggestions to people who regularly seek your counsel — that is, recommendations about a decision or course of action they are considering. These individuals usually feel deep affection for you. You are likely to spend time together socializing as well as working or studying. Chances are good that you probably are quite willing to welcome all kinds of individuals regardless of their appearance, education, social class, native language, religious preference, or political persuasion. This explains why your circle of friends or acquaintances is so diverse and interesting. Your openness might encourage people to seek your counsel. It’s very likely that you are regularly sought out by others for your expert counsel. A variety of people ask for your opinions and suggestions. Once individuals realize you possess the precise knowledge and skills they need, they come to you for guidance.


Driven by your talents, you often stand out as notably mature. You are reasonable in your thinking. These two qualities usually distinguish you from many of your peers and friends. Instinctively, you are consistent in your core values and predictable in your actions. People are likely to know that you go to great lengths to do things right and to behave in an ethical manner. It’s very likely that you sometimes open yourself to diverse types of people. You ordinarily welcome individuals who otherwise would feel out of place or ignored. Because of your strengths, you volunteer for additional duties. You really enjoy being given authority over projects, individuals, or groups. You expect to be held accountable for the results you produce as well as your words and deeds. By nature, you normally strive to do things right. Taking shortcuts strikes you as unprincipled, thoughtless, and careless. You likely refuse to produce sloppy work or engage in unethical practices.


It’s very likely that you have little difficulty giving intense effort to projects, problems, or opportunities that capture and keep your attention. Chances are good that you yearn to increase your knowledge by being kept in the information loop. This explains why you gravitate to people who converse about ideas at a deeper and more thoughtful level than most individuals are capable of doing. “Making small talk” — that is, engaging in idle conversation — probably seems like a waste of time to you. By nature, you value education and scholarship at any level and at any age. Your thirst for knowledge causes you to explore many topics of study or specialize in one particular subject. You thoroughly enjoy opportunities to acquire additional information, skills, and experiences. Instinctively, you are a rational thinker. That is, you exhibit good judgment and exercise sound reasoning. These thought processes serve you well whenever you set out to acquire true knowledge and/or gain a skill. You school yourself by reading, investigating, examining, experiencing, or receiving instruction in a subject. Driven by your talents, you genuinely care about the people you meet. Your fondness is apt to be apparent to them. Habitually, you ask lots of questions and carefully study the responses. Because you take time to know them personally, many individuals feel safe sharing their innermost thoughts or feelings with you. Armed with these insights, you probably become their ambassador of good will. You frequently teach your circle of acquaintances and friends how to welcome these people into the group.


Chances are good that you keep a tight rein on your emotions. You are cautious and reserved. Rather than add to the drama of a situation, you simply study the facts. You waste little time discussing your own and others’ feelings. Instead, you consider the evidence. You weigh the consequences of whatever is said and done. People realize you need time to think. They know your judgment is rarely clouded by personal feelings or opinions. By nature, you like advancing on your own. You enjoy defying the odds. You find limited satisfaction in pursuing the easiest, the most popular, or the accepted course of action. Instinctively, you routinely participate in contests for the joy they bring you. This explains why you are quite content with your life. You have little, if any, need to prove yourself again and again by winning. This is especially true when the activity is of very little consequence in the larger scheme of your existence. You exhibit an air of certitude — that is, you have complete faith in your abilities. Because of your strengths, you feel fulfilled by the steady improvements you have made as an individual throughout your life. You probably have confidence in your talents, knowledge, and skills. Driven by your talents, you probably take calculated risks. You typically study the pros and cons of a situation and assess the consequences of an action. This thoughtful approach generally allows you to increase your number of successes.

We highly recommend Strengths Based Leadership and taking the assessment and learning how to incorporate strengths into your life and organization.