I have regularly communicated through various media channels to advocate for entrepreneurial engagement, expansion, and support. If you have a topic of interest related to e-commerce strategy, systems or scale I am happy to talk about that topic.

I can give a history of my background and some lessons learned similar to this podcast format:

Or I can give some specific takeaways like this format if you wish:


Or we can simply discuss the highlights and lowlights of being an entrepreneur like this: (Steve’s interview starts at 29:35)

And of course, your mission with this podcast and your target audience is the most important thing so whatever you think will help your audience I can try to add value to that topic. Since I’ve owned a business of my own from the age of 18, and now I am not quite 18,   I have lots of scars from lessons learned. 😉


At your service,


Steve Simonson


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(It should be clear that Steve doesn’t take himself too seriously and that he is happiest when surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs.)

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Steve Simonson Hawaii


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Steve Simonson Great Wall


Steve Simonson Amazon


Steve Simonson eBay


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Steve Simonson St Lucia

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Steve Simonson Tux Tukwila


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